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Magnetic Leadership® Series

The Magnetic Leadership® Series provides the essential leadership competencies, study resources, and support essential to achieving results of great MAGNET-TUDE! You'll develop the kind of leaders who attract, energize, and keep the best people.

While any one or combination of the following programs may be selected, the Magnetic Leadership ® programs produce maximal results when presented as a series over a period of 12-18 months. These critical leadership skills are thus developed step-wise, with reinforcement and coaching over time. Research shows that such a process allows for maximum learning, retention, and application.

When conducted as a series, Dr. Bev serves as an ongoing consultant to the organization’s executives and may contract for personal leadership coaching when appropriate. As the series title indicates, these programs are most beneficial to existing managers, prospective managers, and team leaders.

Leader As Example…You Reproduce What You Are: Managing Your Emotions, Managing Yourself - more

Leader As Chief Retention Officer…How To Become A Magnetic Leader ®: 227 Ways to Attract, Energize, And Keep Top Talent - more

Leader As Communicator...Speaking Their Language, Hearing Their Hearts: How to Communicate Clearly and Persuasively- more

Leader As Problem Solver...From Conflict To Collaboration: How to Eradicate Undercurrents, Ex Out Explosions, and Facilitate Constructive Solutions - more

Leader As Customer Champion...Managing The Magnetic Moments Of Customer Service: Beyond Satisfied To Absolutely, Positively Impressed - more

Leader As Change Agent...Leading Organizational Transitions: How to Gain Buy-In and See Results in Half the Time - more

Leader As Healer...Working With The Working Wounded: How to Deal With Troubled Employees - more

Leader As Facilitator...Don't Dominate, Facilitate: Leading High-Energy, Productive Meetings - more

Leader As Team Builder...Play On Their Strengths: Building a High-Performing Team - more

Leader As Coach...From Team Cop To Team Coach: How to Develop Employees for Champion Performance - more

Leader As Evaluator…Looking Back To Mpve Forward: Conducting Performance Appraisals That Make a Performance Difference - more

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