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From Conflict To Collaboration: How to Eradicate Undercurrents, Ex Out Explosions, and Facilitate Constructive Solutions

Unresolved conflicts can resurface again and again to disrupt teamwork, consume time, disrupt customer service, and create a stressful work environment. Personal grudges show up in avoidance, sarcasm, put-downs, withholding of information, gossip, hostile tones of voice, arguments in which no one really listens, ongoing “contests,” or outright angry explosions.

The effective leader first models effective conflict resolution by dealing with his/her own conflicts assertively, respectfully, and “professionally.” Second, he or she teaches and coaches the team in methods that enable the inevitable conflicts to strengthen the team, not weaken it. Third, in the early stages of coaching or when a conflict has gotten out of hand, the leader may actually sit down with those involved and mediate a process in which they hear each other out and reach mutual win-win agreements.

This workshop prepares leaders for all three of those roles. In it, participants:

  • learn the 7 tell-tale signs that conflict has become destructive;
  • courageously confront their own learned attitudes and habits related to conflict, correcting erroneous and destructive ones;
  • learn the “ten commandments of peacemaking” (not peacekeeping);
  • practice a step-by-step process for resolving conflicts constructively;
  • learn three keys for keeping egos out of the way and focusing on solutions that work for all concerned;
  • practice mediating a problem-solving session between feuding employees without getting caught in the middle.
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