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When a person of influence in an organization exhibits “bad behavior,” lack of interpersonal competence, or the inability to effectively manage his/her own emotions, the negative impact can be far-reaching. Staff morale, initiative, creativity, job performance, teamwork, and ultimately, the bottom line can be significantly damaged. You know those negative behaviors when you see them – disrespectful communications, sarcasm, put-downs, overbearing and autocratic decisions, failure to listen, failure to interact with employees and to be a coach to them, conflict avoidance, overreactions…. and the list goes on.

On the other hand, a leader whose communication of vision is compelling, whose enthusiasm is contagious, and whose people skills are well-developed and well-deployed – that's the leader who can help team members and the organization succeed. The creation of habits such as these is the goal of leader coaching.

Dr. Bev Smallwood is a psychologist and organizational specialist who has coached and facilitated many “conversions” in leadership style, producing individuals with more respect, self-control, and positive interaction with bosses, peers, and supervisors.

The Magnetic Leadership Coaching process is also a great option for the development of high-potential individuals. Bev has helped to prepare such talented individuals around the world for greater responsibility as Magnetic Leaders.

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