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From Team Cop To Team Coach: How to Develop Employees for Champion Performance

The success of any coach is defined by the success of the team. Winning team, winning coach; losing team, losing coach.

Winning teams have members who are placed in positions that emphasize strengths, who are hungry to achieve meaningful goals, who continuously develop by practice and feedback, and who are able to bounce back after setbacks.

This workshop provides leaders with critical skills for the central role of “coach.” Here’s a sample of what they will learn:

  • how to move from traditional boss to coach;
  • the coaching strategies that work best with various types of individuals;
  • creative, non-monetary ways to notice and reward positive employee behavior;
  • how to form the habit of looking for what is right more for than what is wrong;
  • a four-step feedback process that more than doubles the likelihood that the employee will receive criticism as helpful and constructive;
  • a detailed format for conducting performance problem discussions that dramatically improve performance and that actually strengthen the coach/employee relationship;
  • how to help employees view discipline as an opportunity rather than punishment;
  • how to handle difficult employee reactions such as hurt, anger, and defensiveness.
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