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Don't Dominate, Facilitate: Leading High-Energy, Productive Meetings

Meeting more, enjoying it less, getting less done…does this describe your organization? Floundering, non-productive meetings waste time and money and frustrate the participants. You really must “stop meeting like this.”

For active, productive collaboration to occur, teams must gather together and discuss issues. Effective team leaders facilitate the creative communication processes that promote active involvement, sharing of relevant information, organization and efficiency, and impressive results.

This workshop develops effective meeting leadership skills. Participants will:

  • identify the five most common causes of floundering meetings and how to correct them;
  • recognize the seven most important elements in productive meetings and learn how to make those happen;
  • develop skill in diagnosing what the group needs moment to moment;
  • become more sensitive about just when and how to intervene;
  • learn to share leadership by teaching members to fulfill specific roles that aid results-oriented discussion and problem solving;
  • institute a process check that continuously improves meetings.
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