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You Reproduce What You Are: Managing Your Emotions, Managing Yourself

The title of this program sums up its importance. The way leaders manage themselves influences others through powerful modeling, through the creation of a work atmosphere that enhances or hampers morale and performance, and through the communication of values (no matter what the impressive vision statement on the wall says).

Leadership is not established by a title on the door. True leadership happens when an individual is clear about what matters most; is able to align his/her own emotions and behavior with effective, ethical ways of achieving those priorities; and is credible and trustworthy so that others want to join in the accomplishment of those worthy goals. The real leader is a real person with real emotions and real struggles – but one who has a deep sense of peace and purpose and the ability to manage those emotions and put them to work in the service of a worthy mission.

This foundational leadership workshop challenges leaders to continually work on themselves with even greater diligence than they “work on others.” In this experience they’ll:

  • answer ten key questions that help them discover and honor their own purpose in life;
  • learn the three keys to differentiating the thought habits that create resilience, success, and momentum, versus those that contribute to depression, discouragement, and hopelessness;
  • uncover their hidden “victim” attitudes that hinder proactive problem solving;
  • understand an emotional roadmap for dealing with things they can’t control;
  • explore the emotional and behavioral habits and sensitivities that sabotage their own success and stand in the way of others;
  • learn how to keep their cool when others get hot;
  • make a plan for ongoing personal development.
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