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Looking Back To Move Forward: Conducting Performance Appraisals That Make a Performance Difference

Most managers are charged with the task of conducting performance evaluations, and few managers or employees look forward to it. Procrastination and avoidance have often delayed the provision of feedback on a timely basis. Therefore, poor memory, dread of delivering bad news, and outright errors in judgment are a few of the culprits that have traditionally made performance appraisals one of the least pleasant events in the workplace. To make matters worse, once performance reviews were complete, the usual response has been, “Whew! I’m glad that’s over!” and there has been no real impact on performance.

When leaders implement the skills they learn in this workshop (as well as its prerequisite, From Team Cop to Team Coach), the performance appraisal is transformed into a true “development interview” that motivates employees, improves performance, and strengthens the employee-manager relationship. They learn such concepts and develop such competencies as:

  • how to avoid the most common and costly errors in evaluating employees’ performance;
  • eight myths about performance appraisal;
  • how to incorporate and accurately balance positive and negative performance during the evaluation period;
  • what to do if the appraisal “goes sour;”
  • how to use a proven format for conducting an interactive review that is fair and that makes a real difference in performance;
  • how to go beyond appraisal to tap into the team member’s dreams, hopes, talents, and motivations and to learn ways to bring out the best in that person in the future.
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