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Leading Organizational Transitions: How to Gain Buy-In and See Results in Half the Time

Failure to plan for the emotional side of change is the surest way to sabotage the process, extending the time it takes for people to buy in and become productive again. Whether the experience is a new manager, a merger, a downsizing, a restructuring, or simply a new way of doing things – it is the people who must implement the change. The feelings of loss, anger, anxiety, fear, depression, and, yes, grief all impact their abilities to commit and follow through with action. These in turn are significantly influenced by the way the leader introduces the new ideas, helps them understand the purpose of the changes, involves them in the planning, and demonstrates care for their confusion and distress.

This must-have leadership workshop provides the transition management skills that save time, headaches, and money when change is underway. Participants will:

  • learn why distinguishing between “change” and “transition” can make or break a project;
  • learn how to minimize resistance before it sabotages successful change;
  • understand the most common disruptive emotions that plague people after setbacks and how to deal with them;
  • be able to “diagnose” the transition stage currently being experienced by teams and individuals;
  • choose the leadership strategies that work best at each transition stage to increase morale, maintain productivity, and speed acceptance.
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