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This Wasn't Supposed to Happen to Me: 10 Make-Or-Break Choices When Life Steals Your Dreams and Rocks Your World

Format: Either ½-day or more in-depth full-day; high audience involvement

Who Should Attend: Anyone! (Especially people going through some kind of change or recovering from a personal crisis.)

Note: A customized version of this workshop is available for persons in helping professions who want to coach others through the process of recovery.

Program Description

No one is immune from tough, unexpected, unwelcome experiences in life. One day you’re on top of the world, the next day the world’s on top of you. Adversity causes some people to break; it inspires others to break records. It all depends on how they choose to respond.

Based on Dr. Bev’s book by the same title, this interactive workshop enables participants to embrace hope…one choice at a time. As never before, they will come to understand that they have the power to choose what happens in them, though they may sometimes have no control over what happens to them. They will explore the ten choices that make or break the rest of their lives, then develop the courage to act on the wisest decisions after they go through a personal or professional disappointment, setback, or tragedy.

  • Denial vs. Reality;
  • Victimhood vs. Responsibility;
  • Why vs. How;
  • Doubt vs. Faith;
  • Bitterness vs. Forgiveness;
  • Guilt vs. Self-Forgiveness;
  • Isolation vs. Connection;
  • Depression vs. Grief;
  • Avoidance vs. Courage;
  • Powerlessness vs. Purpose
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