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The people you'll read about in this book had at least one thing in common: one day they were on top of the world; the next day the world was on top of them. They were going about their normal, everyday lives when a traumatic event rocked them. They experienced something that was never supposed to happen. Reeling from shattered assumptions and broken dreams, they questioned and searched, trying desperately to understand what happened. In this book, you will learn from their struggles and their victories.

Blending scientifically-validated psychological truths with spiritual principles, Dr. Bev Smallwood shows how you can overcome tragedy and loss by making ten powerful choices in your recovery process.

As you learn to make these life-restoring choices, draw on God's unconditional love, and courageously act on your own decisions, you will reclaim a life worth living. This Wasn't Supposed To Happen To Me also offers:

  • key how-to's for surviving and thriving after trauma and unexpected loss
  • eye-opening insights from spiritual wisdom literature
  • scientific research that pints the way to practical actions
  • trauma survivors' stories that reveal the secrets of moving on rather than getting stuck

"This book is the result of my lifelong personal and professional search for real answers about how to deal what I call the 'unexpected unthinkable'. it is my deepest desire that the principles, strategies, and stories I share in these pages will strengthen, encourage, and equip you to rise above what has happened to you and help you rebuild a meaningful life."

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