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From Personality Clashes to Partners: Capitalizing on Differences to Build a High-Performing Team

Format: ½ day to more in-depth full-day workshop; each participant takes online assessment

Who Should Attend: Leaders and all team members

News flash! In case you haven’t noticed, people are different! Those differences can either wreck the best-laid plans or become a powerful springboard to success.

Newly-formed teams; struggling, experienced teams; and even high-performing teams will dramatically increase their effectiveness by participating in this hands-on workshop. Leaders and team members will acquire knowledge and develop the skills that allow the team to capitalize on differences, personality styles, values, roles and functions, and talents. Participants will not only assess and understand their own styles; they will also learn how to make educated guesses about the personalities and preferences of others, enabling them to create connections and maintain productive relationships despite differences.

Participants in this interactive workshop will:

  • assess and understand their own communication styles, values, motivations, and relationship behavior preferences;
  • identify and deploy their own strengths at various stages in team projects;
  • learn the critical do’s and don’ts for relating with people who are very different from them;
  • find out why many conflicts are based in perceived clashes in values, and how this does not have to be so;
  • discover how to make differences work for the team, not against it;
  • learn to actually be thankful for the things about their teammates that used to drive them nuts.
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