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Magnetic Customer Service: Making Your Customers VIPs

Format: ½-day or full-day program, or more extensive series based on customer satisfaction data

Who Should Attend: Leaders and all team members

Building long-term relationships with loyal customers and generating priceless positive word-of-mouth advertising requires more than simply being nice. Further, customer satisfaction is not enough. Each team member is responsible for creating a high-value, impressive experience that earns an A+ on the customer’s emotional “report card.” To do this, every team member must understand what various groups of customers value most and tailor the approach to is most important to the individuals they serve.

Here’s a sample of what participants take away from this important workshop;

  • what customers go out and talk about;
  • the true definition of value and how to create a high-value experience for each customer;
  • why customer satisfaction is an overrated and misunderstood goal (you have to do more!);
  • the four basic needs of customers and how to use these to make customers VIP’s;
  • “subjects” in the customer’s emotional report card;
  • skills in identifying various customer personalities and tailoring the approach to the needs and wants of each;
  • how to unintentionally tick off your customer in the middle of your busy day;
  • how one person can make a world of difference.
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