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Back From Burnout: Combating Compassion Fatigue and Renewing Commitment

Format: ½ to more in-depth full day; interactive

Who Should Attend: Individuals in Service Professions

Are you a candidate for burnout and compassion fatigue? Compassion fatigue is the result of being weakened emotionally, physically, and spiritually by the strain of long-term involvement in someone else’s struggle. Sound familiar?

Studies show that compassion fatigue and burnout exact high costs to the individuals involved as well as to the organization. Individuals who are burning out feel emotionally exhausted, become cynical about people, and have a reduced sense of accomplishment. Further, they experience deterioration in physical health, psychological wellbeing, interpersonal relationships, and they are more and more dissatisfied with their jobs. The organization suffers because these individuals do just enough to get by. They lose the ability to treat customers in the special way that brings them back again and inspires positive word-of-mouth. Their cynicism and hostility spill over to their co-workers and bosses, disrupting teamwork and spreading infectious negativity. Absenteeism and high turnover become rampant.

This high-content, high-interaction workshop is designed to prevent burnout and help those who are emotionally exhausted to find the way back to a sense of purpose and commitment. For example, participants will:

  • define compassion fatigue as it relates to their daily experiences in the workplace;
  • identify the three major symptoms of burnout and understand how they develop;
  • learn to recognize the symptoms of compassion fatigue and burnout in themselves and others so that remedial steps can be taken before the problems worsen;
  • identify the personality characteristics and behavioral habits that place them at high risk for burnout;
  • learn powerful personal self-management strategies that prevent and remediate compassion fatigue and burnout.
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