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Talent Selection: Part Two

Begin With Job Benchmarking

Using state-of-the-art TriMetrix (TM) technology, we begin by getting a clear picture of the job through benchmarking. After all, how can you hire the best person if you have not identified the job's most critical success factors?

We identify 3-10 people who have a "stake" in the success of the job (e.g., managers, former job holders, current job holders, direct internal customers), along with "subject matter experts" who will be qualified participants in the Job Benchmarking process. We brief them on the job description and on the process of benchmarking.

We then facilitate a session with all stakeholders to arrive at a consensus regarding the exact Key Accountabilities of the job (3-7 at most). We quantify, prioritize, and establish measurements for each Key Accountability.

With the Key Accountabilities firmly in mind, each stakeholder then responds to the TriMetrix (TM) Job Report Questionnaire online. Their collective description of what the job really requires is produced in a consolidated report. This becomes your job benchmark, subject to two additional steps:

1-We VERIFY the Job Benchmark by reassembling the stakeholders to review the resulting Job Benchmark and to achieve buy-in from all concerned. If the team feels that it is necessary, we make changes to the content and order of the factors in the Job Benchmark.

2-We VALIDATE the Job Benchmark by administering the TriMetrix (TM) Personal Talent Plus Report to 2-3% of the top current performers as well as 2-3% of the bottom performers in this job. We generate a comparison report, allowing an analysis of results to determine critical performance factors and to validate the Job Benchmark.

Create a Job Portfolio

We complete the Job Benchmarking process by fully documenting the process and results for the Job's files, contained in a customized binder. The resulting Job Portfolio helps you create a system for making consistent, valid, legally defensible hiring decisions. The Job Portfolio contains these components:

  1. Job description
  2. Reports detailing the profile of the ideal candidate, including "how, why, and what" factors
    • HOW the person approaches problems and challenges, influences others, responds to workplace pace and responds to rules and procedures;
    • WHY the person does things; in other words, his or her strongest motivating factors;
    • WHAT personal or interpersonal competencies are needed for success in this specific job
  3. Description of the work environment in which this job "resides"
  4. Description of the rewards and culture of the job
  5. Documentation of testing of top and bottom performers (satisfies EEOC)
  6. Behavioral interviewing questions for the position (provides more valid and consistent interviewing)
  7. Documentation of company's total process for talent selection, e.g., resume reviews, reference checks, skill assessments, interviews.

Compare Top Job Applicants to the Benchmark

You will identify the top candidates for the target job, using traditional methods. At the appropriate step in the talent selection process, you'll have the candidate complete the on-line Trimetrix (TM) System Personal Talent Plus assessment. We will then generate a report comparing your candidates with the job benchmark. Used in concert with your other standard selection processes, this report will add powerful information about how the person will actually function on the job.

Use the Trimetrix (TM) Assessment For Ongoing Coaching of the Selected Employee

After successful job candidates have been hired, their TriMetrix (TM) Personal Talent Plus Reports can be converted to full TriMetrix (TM) Coaching Reports for personal development plans and performance review.

In addition, we can provide RxCD's to support personal development plans. These self-study CD's target specific areas assessed by TriMetrix (TM), providing action steps for strengthening essential areas.

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